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Body butters

Nourishing Hair & Body Butters handmade from the best butters & oils to moisturize, revitalize, and protect your hair and skin. These revitalizing nutrient filled Hair & Body Butter is a blend of moisture-rich unrefined butters & oils packed with

Natural Products

Enjoy the absolute benefits of all non-toxic, unrefined skin & hair products…… Lola Longe Botanicals is a brand for people who are seeking natural skincare and actively want to avoid unwanted and questionable ingredients, but who simply won’t compromise on

Camwood powder

Unrefined Camwood Powder (African Sandalwood Powder) is loaded with natural skin soothing, detoxifying & wrinkle reducing properties. Camwood Powder also known as Osun or African Sandalwood Powder comes from the core of the shrubby, hard-wooded African camwood tree (Baphianitida) after